Youth Services Bulletin

What do you get when you leave Librarians alone for too long?


Ms. Liz and Ms. Erin were caught jamming to one of their favorite tunes, "Can You" by The Wiggles. Luckily, a camera was there to catch them in the act. Check out their moves and try some of your own. You can always check out The Wiggles Sing Along if you wanted to get your groove on to the same song!

So Much to Love About Fall

Did you know that we subscribe to the magazine Ranger Rick? You can find issues of Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. on our shelves! (You can also lift up the shelf to find past issues! Go ahead and try it next time you're in the kid's section).

Ranger Rick's website has offered a printable Ultimate Fall Bucket List. You can click on the link to get to the page, or print out the list here.

There are tons of things on this list that you can do right at home. Let us know if you do something really fun! We love to hear about all of your adventures.

Why Fluency Matters

It's great for kids to understand different words, but understanding the meaning of what they read is important too. Here's an infographic that explains the importance of fluency and comprehension and gives some tips on how you can work with your child to improve as readers.

Banned Book Habitat

The youth department is celebrating Banned Books Week with a display called "Banned Book Habitat." We think that it should be up to the individual to decide whether or not a book is right for them or their family. That's why the library doesn't ban any books.

Stop by until the end of the week to check out our display and make sure to take a Banned or Challenged book home with you to show your support for free speech!


Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

To celebrate, the YS staff decorated the front desk and dressed up like pirates. Arghhh!

We’re also having a Pirates Ahoy! Party this Saturday, September 21st to continue our celebration. Meet us on the Poop Deck (or the Meeting Room, for you land lubbers) at 10:30!

(Registration is required).


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