Board of Trustees

Have a comment, question or concern? Contact the Board of Trustees at board@newlenoxlibrary.org.

The board of trustees are:

Dr. Edward A. Tatro

Dr. Edward A. Tatro, President

Linda Evans

Linda Evans, Vice President

Colette Loecke

Colette Loecke, Secretary

Ann Podoba

Ann Podoba, Treasurer

Louis  J. Broccolo

Louis J. Broccolo, Trustee

Michelle Monbrod

Michelle Monbrod, Trustee

Bonnie Ulstad

Bonnie Ulstad, Trustee

Upcoming Board Meetings

The New Lenox Public Library Policy Committee will be meeting on Friday, April 11, 2014, at 3:00pm, in the board room, for the annual review of the General Policy.

Board meetings are held the third Monday of each month in the board room of the New Lenox Public Library, 120 Veterans Parkway, and are open to the public.

Board Meeting Dates for 2015-2016 (PDF)

Meeting Schedule, Minutes, and Agendas

2016 Meeting Minutes Agenda
January 8th Special Meeting View Minutes View Agenda
January 18th Board Meeting   View Agenda
February 8th Board Meeting   View Agenda
March 14th Board Meeting    
April 11th Board Meeting    
May 9th Board Meeting    
June 13th Board Meeting    
July 11th Board Meeting    
August 8th Board Meeting    
September 12th Board Meeting    
October 10th Board Meeting    
November 14th Board Meeting    
December 12th Board Meeting