New Lenox Library @ Home Programs — Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday

Programs will be posted at 10 AM.

May 26: Tech & Maker Help with Jane & Ashley

It’s Tech Tuesday! Jane and Ashley will be monitoring the New Lenox Library Facebook page from 10 AM to 3 PM today to answer your technology and maker questions and help find you resources. Looking for a lost manual for an appliance or equipment? Want to find a good YouTube channel for learning how to knit? Let’s see how we can help!

If you have questions you don't want to post on Facebook, you can email Both Jane and Ashley will be able to get that email.

May 19: Using the Photoshop Express App with Jane

Edit your photos and add effects to photos on your phone with Photoshop Express! Add borders and text, enhance colors, create photo collages, make quick fixes and enhance your share-worthy moments. Download the Photoshop Express App Handout (PDF) for a step-by-step guide to editing photos on your phone with Adobe's Photoshop Express.

May 12: Video Interview Basics with Ashley

Download our Video Interview Basics Handout (PDF) for links to online videos and courses on putting your best foot forward in video interviews. Checklists and tips on preparing for the interview and what to do on the day are included, as well as practice questions for you to answer and questions to ask your interviewer. You'll find bonus resources for resumés, too, including specifics for skilled trades and technology.

Are you interviewing in person, or looking for more interview tips? Watch last Thursday, May 7's video, Ace Your In-Person Interview with Jez Layman.

May 5: Meditation & Mental Health Apps

How are you doing? This Mental Health Awareness Month, it can seem harder than ever to take a moment and breathe. These apps can help remind you to take care—even if it's just a few minutes. Do you have a favorite app? Share in the comments on our social media posts. We'd love to hear. (And we miss you!)

April 28: AtoZ World Food Database with Ashley

A to Z World Food

Cookbooks from 174 countries in one online resource! Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the world. National and regional cuisines, appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main courses, desserts, alcohol, tea culture, dining etiquette and foods for special occasions. You'll even find trivia about each country's food culture.

Access AtoZ World Food

April 21: Make Face Masks for Yourself & Others — 3 Patterns & Resources

Donate to Operation H.O.P.E. by dropping off PPE in the New Lenox Library bookdrop. Please keep your library items at home. Due dates have been moved to June 1 and no fines are being accrued.

NurseMade's A.B. Mask

Most common

April 14: 3D Printing PPE at New Lenox Library with Ashley

For Tech Tuesday and every day, New Lenox Library is collecting—and making—PPE! Our 3D printer is hard at work making the NIH face shields shown in the video. New Lenox and a few other area libraries also collecting additional PPE in our bookdrop for Operation H.O.P.E. (Please keep your library materials at home until the library reopens.)

April 7: Photography Basics with Jane

Learn to play with light and object placement in this short introduction to photography. Explore and try new things with any camera—yes, even your phone!

Download Jane’s Photography Basics Tip Sheet (PDF)

March 31: Learning Technology Online with Ashley

Learn how to use and a variety of other learning resources.

March 31 Bonus: Accessing Consumer Reports with Ashley