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Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act Cover

Acclaimed American author who writes mystery books set in England has produced her 18th Inspector Lynley novel, although in truth it is really a Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers novel. In the past the nonconformist Havers has been an integral part of the cases assigned to the dark, brooding, aristocratic Lynley, but when her neighbors Angelina and daughter Hadiyyah disappear, Havers gets involved deeply with the plight of the girl’s father who is frantic over the loss. The search leads Havers, the private detective she has hired, and eventually Lynley to Lucca, Italy. The extensive descriptions of the residents of Lucca, as well as the entire Tuscany scene, can be more interesting than the plot itself. Admirers of Havers’ individual and independent style will find that she almost becomes unglued at times as she circumvents police procedures and gets herself in trouble with her superiors. For those who want more of the Lynley who is still grieving over the murder of his wife, you will only get glimpses of him in this mystery.

The Family Way by Rhys Bowen

False Memory Book Cover

Continuing the story of Detective Molly Sullivan, Rhys Bowen weaves a story of intrigue and suspense. Even though Molly's husband, Daniel, wants her to leave her detective days behind now that she is expecting their first child, Molly resolves to investigate a young Irish girl’s disappearance after she receives an inquiry from the girl’s family in Ireland. As she follows the mystery, Molly finds herself in danger along the way.

Readers will enjoy this book and share in Molly's investigative work as the next chapter of her story unfolds. While this book does not grab your attention immediately, it is a compelling read once you move beyond the first few chapters. Molly Sullivan is just as spunky as ever and readers will appreciate her candor, wit, and determination to seek justice.

False Memory by Dean Koontz

False Memory Book Cover

If you like suspense, this is a must read. Martie Rhodes and Susan Jagger are good friends. Susan suffers from agoraphobia and sees Dr. Ahriman for help. Dusty is Martie’s husband who has a brother that was in rehab for drug abuse who also tried to commit suicide. Then, Martie develops a fear of oneself, autophobia. All of these phobias and troubles need Dr. Ahriman’s help and are intertwined.

Is Dr. Ahriman really helping these people with their phobias? How do the phobias get resolved? Please read the book if you are into suspense and thrillers.

Distant Hours

A long lost letter puts Edie Burchill on a path to discovering her mother’s secret past. During World War II Edie's mother, Meredith, is one of scores of children shipped to the countryside to escape Hitler’s bombing of London. There she is taken in by Raymond Blythe and his three daughters at Milderhurst Castle.

The eldest daughters, Percy and Saffy, are twins from Raymond's first marriage. Youngest daughter Juniper, from his second, inherited the literary talent of her father, a renowned author, but also suffers from a bit of his madness. When Juniper’s fiancé abandons her, her tenuous grasp of reality further unravels. Juniper’s sisters try their best to protect and care for their little sister.

When Edie is invited to write an introduction to the 50th anniversary edition of Raymond Blythe's famous novel, The True History of the Mud Man, she visits Milderhurst Castle to interview the Blythe sisters. Along the way she will uncover the true story behind the masterpiece, a host of other family secrets and a deeper understanding of her mother. Kate Morton’s mysterious Gothic tale, reminiscent of a Daphne du Maurier novel, will keep you enthralled until the end.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Retired Major Ernest Pettigrew lives in a small village in England. He is a widower who has led a dull life since his wife's passing. He strikes up a friendship with Mrs. Jasmina Ali from Pakistan. His friendship with Mrs. Ali soon becomes the talk of the village. His son doesn't approve nor do his friends. Will Major Pettigrew live his life as he sees fit or will he bow to family and societal pressure?