Digital Media Lab — What's for Sale

Blank Discs

Item Cost
Blank CD 25¢ each
Blank DVD 25¢ each
Blank Blu-ray Disc 25¢ each

Our discs are white-labeled and inkjet-friendly for writing or printing.

Film Digitization

Item Cost
Small Reels $5.00 per reel
Large 8mm & 16mm Reels $10.00 per reel

Please note our service is 1:1 digitization only; we do not clean or edit the movies. We reserve the right to refuse reels for any reason (this is most commonly due to condition). You can request the following options:

  • DVD, Bluray, or both
  • Each movie on its own disc, or each set of 4 together on one disc

If you would like to edit the movies or add audio, we can do that in a separate one-on-one session with a staff member.

3D Printing

Item Cost
3D Printing $1.00 per ounce


Item Cost
1.25" Pinback Buttons 10¢ per button
1.25" Magnet-Backed Buttons 10¢ per button
2.25" Pinback Buttons 10¢ per button
2.25" Magnet-Backed Buttons 10¢ per button

Silhouette Cameo Materials

Item Cost
Cardstock 25¢ per sheet
Cameo Vinyl 50¢ per vertical inch
Cameo Heat Transfer Material 50¢ per vertical inch

Lamination Sheets

Item Cost
Business Card Size Free of charge
Letter Size $0.50 per sheet
12" x 18" $1.00 per sheet

Photo & Small Poster Printing

Photo Paper

We sell photo paper in the following sizes. This charge is for paper only, without printing.

Item Cost
Small (4x6, 5x7) 50¢ per sheet
Medium (8.5x11) $1.50 per sheet
Large (13x19) $3.00 per sheet

Printing with the Canon Pixma

The following charges are for printing only, no paper. This is so you can bring in your own photo paper or cardstock to print on.

Item Cost
Small (4x6, 5x7, CD, DVD) 10¢ per sheet or disc
Medium (8x10, 8.5x11, 8.5x14) 15¢ per sheet
Large (13x19) $1.50 per sheet