Mango Languages

Want to learn a new language, or practice language skills you already have?

Mango Languages is a fun-infused way to learn a new language. Mango prepares learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 world languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, Irish — even Pirate!

Create a Mango Account:
Create a login to track your progress, or use as a guest. After you create your login in a web browser, you can login to the Mango Languages app on your smartphone or tablet. You can use on a web browser or mobile app anytime, anywhere!

Mango on Mobile:
To set up a Mango account click the “Access Mango Languages” Button link.  Then simply enter your library card number, email address, and password of your choice. That's it!

You can also use Mango Languages’ free mobile app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. You’ll learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture in each lesson.

For the app to work, you must have an account with Mango set up through your library’s website, and an iPhone or Android mobile device. Once the app and lessons have been downloaded, you can learn at your own pace, with or without an internet connection.

Access Mango Languages