Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act Cover

Acclaimed American author who writes mystery books set in England has produced her 18th Inspector Lynley novel, although in truth it is really a Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers novel. In the past the nonconformist Havers has been an integral part of the cases assigned to the dark, brooding, aristocratic Lynley, but when her neighbors Angelina and daughter Hadiyyah disappear, Havers gets involved deeply with the plight of the girl’s father who is frantic over the loss. The search leads Havers, the private detective she has hired, and eventually Lynley to Lucca, Italy. The extensive descriptions of the residents of Lucca, as well as the entire Tuscany scene, can be more interesting than the plot itself. Admirers of Havers’ individual and independent style will find that she almost becomes unglued at times as she circumvents police procedures and gets herself in trouble with her superiors. For those who want more of the Lynley who is still grieving over the murder of his wife, you will only get glimpses of him in this mystery.