Dogs of Christmas

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New York Times Bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron has done it again—and just in time for the holidays too! "The Dogs of Christmas" tells the story of rescue dogs and the people who love them.

Josh Michaels has never ever had a dog in his life when his neighbor Ryan drops off his dog "Loose" while he leaves for a family emergency out of town. "Loose" is really "Lucy" who is pregnant and expecting her puppies any day. Contacting both the nearest vet and animal shelter Josh insists he cannot keep the dog or the puppies and needs advice and help. Kerrie the animal shelter volunteer quickly helps Josh out and when the puppies arrive…well who doesn't love a puppy?

Josh, Lucy, and her puppies quickly form a family bond. Its Christmas time and the holidays have been a difficult time for Josh, but with the puppies he once again discovers the spirit of the season. Watching the puppies grow day by day, Josh can't imagine life without them. Can Josh really handle keeping five puppies or can he find it in his heart to give them up to adoptive families? Trouble arises when Kerrie discovers that Ryan wasn't Lucy’s real owner but a dog thief! She believes Josh will do the right thing and but can Josh really make that call to reunite Lucy with her rightful owner?

This is a great book, a quick read and the perfect present for anyone who has ever owned a dog or rescued a dog from a dog shelter. Happy Holidays!