Sister Mother Husband Dog by Delia Ephron

Sister Mother Husband Dog

"Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.)" is another great read from Delia Ephron. Delia, an author and screenwriter, is the sister of Nora Ephron and the two sisters collaborated on a number of terrific books and movies, such as; You've Got Mail and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants so you’re guaranteed a great read.

This book is really fifteen glorious essays wrapped up in a beautiful memoir. Delia writes about her famous sister’s cancer and then death from myeloid leukemia in 2012 and how she misses her and their sisterhood connection. She discusses the Ephron family dinner table. The girl's parents were movie screenwriters themselves and hearing the words "that's a great line" or "that’s a great title" were commonplace. If you own a pet you know they are a member of your family. There’s a short story about Delia’s dog, Honey who has been chewing her tail. Why is she doing that and exactly how long has that been going on? Sometimes we see things in our everyday, ordinary lives and can’t really remember when they started. Don’t worry, Honey is okay. There is another story I loved where Delia discusses a banking problem and found myself shaking my head and agreeing with the way she handled the problem. And really, who doesn't love the smell of a bakery? Well, there is a great little story about that too. There are stories about her mother, her husband, fashion, girlfriends, food, vacations and more.

This book is full of funny, poignant short stories that will make you laugh out loud, shake your head in agreement and reflect on the moments that change our own lives. I highly recommend it.