The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch

Bestselling author, Donna Tartt, brings to life an array of complex, deeply flawed characters in her Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

Deserted by his father, Theo Decker lives alone with his mother in New York City. An explosion during a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art leaves Theo motherless. Although Theo escapes the worst of the blast, he carries with him lasting emotional scars. He also carries away a famous painting, The Goldfinch. In the ensuing years, Theo attempts to cope with his grief as various people, including his father, take him into their homes. His actions lead him into some dangerous, self-destructive territory. Meanwhile he can’t seem to bring himself to return the painting he stole.

This is a great book detailing a teenage boy’s agonizing yet often humorous journey into adulthood and the healing properties of art.