Library Reopening FAQs — Library Services

Are you offering additional hours for those at-risk?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the library will open at 9:00 am for vulnerable, high-risk patrons for early access hours. These are quieter times that the library encourages visits from people at a greater risk of adverse effects if they contract COVID-19, such as elderly or immunocompromised individuals. Those who are not at risk are asked to come during regular hours.

What services are you offering at this time?

Initial services are limited to quick browsing, checkouts and computer usage with an emphasis on reduced interactions with staff. Bring your library card or card number with you for checkout.

Services offered are:

At this time, we will not be offering:

  • Meeting or study room access
  • Cushioned seating
  • Shared items, such as newspapers and children’s toys

We will update our patrons as services resume.

Why can’t I use some of your furniture?

While we want to provide access to our collection, we are encouraging quick browsing only to limit the number of visitors in our buildings at any given time. Removing access to furniture helps ensure visitors do not linger in our building and physical distancing recommendations are being followed. Many types of seating materials are also difficult to properly sanitize between each visitor.

What other library resources can I use if I don't want to go into the library?

Our digital collection is available for remote access 24/7 at eBooks, Audiobooks & Digital Magazines, and online resources are available at A–Z Online Resources. We have moved our Summer Learning Challenge and summer programming online, and ran Spring programming online as well.

Are you still running programs like Homebound and Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan has resumed, but Homebound Delivery will be delayed as we train our new Programming Coordinator in charge of that service.

When can I start reserving study, meeting and conference rooms?

Currently, all room reservations are canceled through September 1. We will update you on reservations once we know more. Please note reservations are subject to cancellation should public health conditions change.

When will you resume in-person events and programming?

Limited in-person programming resumed during August. Masks are required inside the library, and must cover the nose and mouth at all times. All in-person program participants must follow social distancing requirements. If these requirements are not met by participants, the Library will reassess our ability to provide in-person programming.

When are volunteers coming back?

Volunteers have been asked to stay home until September 1. As that date approaches, we will reassess current conditions for the return of our wonderful and valued volunteers.

Can I still donate books or other items to the Library?

We are not accepting donations at this time. Donation collection will resume in a later stage of reopening, when our volunteers have returned to our buildings.