Summer 2020 Online Programs — Adults

Programs for Adults

Stitch Together on Zoom

Stitch Together on Zoom

Thursday Evenings from 6–8 pm in June & July

Do you knit, crochet or sew? Need some community interaction? Join other stitchers and fiber artists of all kinds in our weekly Zoom chat. Join our Thursday Zoom meetings from 6–8 pm (Meeting link, click here to join us on Zoom). It's okay to pop in for a short time or come in late.

Meeting ID: 859 2575 8710
Password: 660993

Take and Make Paper Pot in June

Request a Take & Make Craft Kit

Starting Wednesday, July 15: "To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow" Vinyl Sign

Request a Take & Make kit for a fun, easy at-home project at the library or through our curbside service by calling us at 815-485-2605. Please limit to one per adult or teen in your household. Photos and video instructions coming soon!

Videos are now listed as most recent first for easier viewing.

Cupcake Bouquet

Thursday, July 30 at 10 am

Looking for a cute decoration or gift? Learn to make a quick and easy cupcake bouquet that's both beautiful and yummy!

Upcycled Butterflies

Thursday, July 16 at 10 am

Join us to learn how to turn your pop bottles into pretty plastic butterflies. Most of the supplies are easy to find household items, and this craft is easy and fun for most ages.

Using Genealogy Timelines in Your Genealogical Research

Tuesday, July 14 at 10 am

Can you account for events that have happened every year in your life since you were born? It is quite easy to do with an Excel sheet and quick little prompts. Join us for a fun activity for anyone between the ages of 13 and 100!

1990s Trivia

Thursday, July 2 at 10 am

Test your knowledge of the decade that brought us the Furby and “Ice Ice Baby.” This three-round trivia program will test your knowledge of all things ’90s.

Rising from the Ashes: Chicago History in the Modern City

Tuesday, June 30 at 10 am

Join us for a tour of Chicago's past before the time of skyscrapers, traffic, and crowded el trains. We will visit many of the city's historical sites, including the Loop and what is now River North. Our journey will include 14 stops. Among the topics of our tour will be the Great Fire, theaters and maritime disasters, dark moments in labor history and baseball, the Gilded Age, and, of course, gangsters.

TV Trivia

Thursday, June 25 at 10 am

Test your TV knowledge in this three-round trivia program. Each round will challenge you with trivia from a classic tv show.

Cooking Demo: Making Homemade Pasta

Tuesday, June 23 at 10 am

Learn how easy it is to make fresh Italian-style pasta at home in different shapes and flavors. No matter your background, you will come away from this class knowing how to whip up delicious fresh pasta that would make someone’s Italian mother very proud. Presented by Kristyn Slick, Pampered Chef Director and Trainer, of Kristyn's Classroom Kitchen.

Virtual Night at the Movies

Tuesday, June 16 at 10 am

With public spaces closed and the Summer Blockbuster Season in peril, how about you revisit some classic films with friends online? We will show you how and give you some tips for a more authentic at-home theater experience!

Preparing for Your New Dog & Other Training Tips

Thursday, June 11 at 10 am

Learn what to do before bringing your dog home and when he/she first enters your home. Videos include recommended equipment and discuss how to introduce your dog to the crate. Expert trainer and owner of K9 Tailshakers helps the entire family welcome the newest member.

Genealogy Club

Tuesday, June 9 at 10 am

Do you need a little help with your genealogy research? Would you like a few tips on how to find your Great Grandmother's maiden name, or discover the first marriage of your Grandfather or where to find where Great Uncle Henry is buried? Well, we may be able to help. Please watch our PowerPoint presentation on June 9: "Quick Tips for Your Genealogical Research!"

Making Craft Beer with Gary

Thursday, June 4 at 10 am

Gary Meyer, owner of Hickory Creek Brewing Company in New Lenox, takes you through the process of making craft beer.

Up-styling Your Own Hair in 5 Minutes

Tuesday, June 2 at 10 am

Professional hairstylist Melissa Novak is back to show you how to style your own hair in under 5 minutes. Perfect for date night, weddings, or just an everyday look.