Survey Comments and Responses

Your feedback is very important to us. Below is a sampling of comments from our customer satisfaction survey with responses.

Q. What are you Least Satisfied with in Terms of the Facility?
Hours!! I work downtown and can rarely make it to the library with enough time to browse and do some private reading. Please bring back the 9 pm closing time

A. We would love to be open more hours and that is a high priority with the board. We continue to look for ways to streamline the budget and make it possible to be open more hours. Once we find the funding, we will ask residents what their preference is: to be open later in the evening, earlier in the morning, or on Sundays. Thank you for your patience and don’t forget about all of our 24/7 services such as eBooks, digital Magazines, and our databases which are all on our website. (10/11/13)

Q. I know it may not be for some time, but when buying new seating pls. add leisure type chairs with higher seats. ALL the upholstered chairs now are low & cushy. Great for younger visitors but very tough to get in & out of for many older patrons. (Check out the new senior section at Orland Park Public Library for some great ideas.) Also, I dislike the new shelving arrangement for adult audio books. 1/3 to 1/2 of the items are on low shelves (that don't angle upward,) making it harder for those with bi-focals to read the titles and then bend low to retrieve items. Ending on an up note: Kudos all around to staff, librarians & at circulation. I've found them to be always personable, efficient & effective.

A. Thank you for your suggestion. Our new Senior Center will soon be featuring higher seating that will be easier for seniors to get in and out of. The furniture should be arriving in another few weeks. For the audiobooks, we try not to put anything on the lowest shelf. If you are having trouble reading the titles or need help getting one, please do not hesitate to have one of our staff help. They are happy to assist. (10/11/13)

Q. I think it is ridiculous to limit the number of books (5) joliet library members can take out. It's not the patrons fault if joliet library isn't affiliated any longer with new lenox. I think the new book rental limit of one is also idiotic. I live close to new lenox library and was always there. Some new lenox residents make use of the library and others never use the library. Do you think anyone cares if I rent 1 new book or 3? Everyone waits their turn or can put a hold on a book, an option not available to joliet members. It looks to me like you're spiting the joliet library cardholders more than showing preference to new lenox cardholders. It is very petty and aggravating to me as an old and consistent patron.

A. The board elected to limit all reciprocal borrowers (any library cardholder that is not in the PrairieCat Consortium) to five items and only one new item for several reasons. We have a beautiful facility that many people from surrounding towns like to visit and we are happy to welcome those visitors. They can use the library including attending programs, using our computers and reading any books in house.

However, our taxpayers are the ones who have paid not only for our building, but also for our staff, programs, and materials. We want to ensure that the items we purchase are available mostly for our taxpayers. Typically, 70% of all checkouts are from people browsing for a book to read or a movie to watch which is why it is critical to have a nice selection of materials to browse.

In addition, we have a limited number of new items and feel it is only fair that our patrons get first dibs on those items, which is why we limit reciprocal borrowers to one. New Lenox cardholders are the ones that paid for the new items. We have nothing against Joliet patrons and empathize with living closer to our library than the library they pay taxes to, but it is about serving our taxpayers first and we receive no funding from Joliet or other libraries even though we have many Joliet patrons that use New Lenox as their home library.

Q. Under Catalog, your new website lists “New Movies.” I would like to see a listing for movies. I can’t remember titles and am not familiar with movies over the years. Thanks!

A. We currently own over 4,000 movies and as a result, it would not be practical for us to create a list of all of our movies. However, you can always receive a full list of DVDs by going to our catalog and typing DVD then limiting it to New Lenox. You can check out the full list through the catalog here. (10/11/13)

Q. When checking out a DVD that is a series (more than one disc) maybe the checkout period could be two weeks vs one.

A. Last summer when we changed to a new catalog, we had to choose only two checkout times for all of our materials. The board chose one week and two weeks with one week being for DVDs and two weeks being for everything else. At the time, we were not collecting TV shows and did not think about this. However, we can certainly see that it can be difficult to watch multiple discs in a week. This will be brought up to the Policy Committee of the Board for discussion. (10/11/13)

Q. Enforce the drop-off/pick-up no parking signs because too often people are parking in them (with no driver present even.)

A. Unfortunately, we do not always see that there are people parking in no parking or drop-off zones. If you see people parking there, please let staff know so that we can call the police. We know that this is very frustrating for people trying to quickly run in and run out. (10/11/13)

Q. The short borrowing periods on materials and the lack of a grace period make me feel like I'm under the gun to finish reading. I miss the old days with a three week borrowing period and a grace period before fines were imposed. There were no fines if I renewed during the grace period.

A. I’m sorry you feel rushed in your reading. As mentioned above, the reason we switched from three weeks to two weeks is that we can only have two checkout times for all of our materials. The board decided on one week and two weeks so that we could get books into the hands of as many people as possible. The grace period was changed by the consortium that we are a part of and, unfortunately, we have no say in changing it back. The good news is that there are still no fines if you renew during the one day grace period. To help with these changes, please remember that you can ask staff to do a vacation loan which will allow you to do a checkout for 28 days instead of 14. This will give you a little more breathing room on lengthier titles. I hope this helps! The Board will be reviewing the checkout times as part of their annual policy review and may elect to change them if patrons feel they are too short.