SYNC Audiobooks for Teens

Free summer audiobooks for teens, April 29–August 4

Overdrive and Audiofile Magazine are presenting a free summer audiobook program for teens 13 and up.

How it works

  • Download 2 audiobooks per week
  • Keep your audiobooks permanently if you don't return them
  • Audiobooks are released weekly – if it looks interesting, download it! You won't be able to get past weeks' titles

How to sign up

  • Register at with your email address. (Hint: Don't use your school email address so you'll still have access after you graduate!)
  • Get the audiobooks through the Sora app (iOS or Android), or through in your browser (Kindle users will need to use your browser; phone/tablet users can download the app, even if your school doesn’t have Sora)
  • Click “I have a setup code” and put in the email address your used to sign up for SYNC as your code
Photo of girl wearing headphones, Sora logo in corner