Frosty Footprints…

The peaceful blanket of snow covering the brown, barren backyards and far-reaching fields has provided a blank canvas for our furry or feathered friends searching for food & shelter. Have you found a trail or followed footsteps this winter? Did you make your own set of frosty footprints? Or have you found or created a message sketched in the snow?

Even though we were bombarded for a few weeks with snow and cold, I have enjoyed the wonders of winter this year. I especially like discovering footprints in the snow, whether they belong to humans or animals. Where are they going? Did they come from a nearby den? Are they searching for food? Or just exploring like me?

Take a walk while we still have a cover of snow and see what you see! Look for clues about who made the frosty footprints you find or imagine where they might lead. Here are just a few of the books we have in the library that could assist you in your quest:

Even though these are picture books, these suggestions offer insight into the workings of winter:

  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (E KEA)
  • Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner (E MES)
  • Footprints in the Snow by Mei Matsuoka (E MAT)
  • Little Fox in the Snow by Jonathan London (E LON)
  • Who’s Been Here? A Tale in Tracks by Fran Hodgkins (E HOD)
  • In the Snow: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George (E GEO)
  • Tracks in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee (E YEE)

There are also many resources in non-fiction, so let us help you find what you’d like. The snow may be starting to melt, but any time there is a fresh dusting, a new adventure awaits!

Stay safe, stop in, and savor the scenery…spring is on the way!

Now don’t even get me started on icicles….

We “Heart” History!

It’s February, and most thoughts go to hearts, love, and Valentine’s Day. We have plenty of those books for you, so why not pick up a few books about history as well? Stop in to browse our Black History Month display. There are some really great books to “know the past, shape the future”.

Miss Jen has put together a large array of biographies, picture & chapter books, and non-fiction books for you to learn more about Black History Month, and a handy bibliography sheet.

Many of these resources are available online too in Libby, Overdrive, & Axis 360:

and in our newest addition of online resources, hoopla! Sign up with your library card for access to even more good stuff, including movies! There is a tutorial to help explain things for you on the webpage:

Here at the library, we “heart” books, we “heart” history, and we “heart” seeing you back in the building.

Bundle up and visit us soon!

Monthly Mindsets…

When I’m coming up with topics to share with you, I sometimes check out a few websites that focus on daily or monthly holidays and observances. Some days are serious, while others are humorous or uplifting. From Susan B. Anthony Day, to Spaghetti Day, to Science Fiction Day… you’re sure to find something to celebrate!

National Today gives you the options of searching by month or date:

January has a few silly days left…or you can get an early start on February!

Time and Date gives you the same options:

Clicking on the link for each day will provide you with more information or resources…like Groundhog’s Day, for example:

One more calendar page to check out is from Demco. There is an activity calendar and a literacy calendar for each month.

From their website: “Share the February early literacy calendar to help kids grow a love of learning at home. They’ll discover something new every day with songs, games, and much more.”

“Inspire a love of learning with a February calendar full of ideas for engaging children’s activities, craft projects, books suggestions, and more.”

There are lots of good ideas to make these winter days a little more enjoyable and engaging, so have fun with these or search for other fun sites! Stay warm & healthy, and stop in soon to see us!

Readin’ in a Winter Wonderland…

Another season, another Staff Picks List-Winter Edition!! Here is the latest Bitmoji-stravaganza featuring our choices, compliments of Ms. Liz Y.

‘Snow time like the present to hunker down and read!

Click on each book for a link to check it out online with our e-resources: Libby, Overdrive or Tumblebooks. The globe, owl, computer screen and newspaper are also links to resources on our library’s website-Culturegrams, Kids Zone, the online catalog and Scholastic Go!

When you’re not sure what to read, take a look at our list for ideas or request a book bundle or mystery bag. We’re here to help you out as much as we can to keep you eagerly reading!

Remember to check out the Kids Section of our website, too. Along with e-resources, there are many things to explore, such as programs, new books, videos, homework help (well, maybe not while you’re on break)…and previous blog posts!

As 2020 comes to an end, we look forward to a new year, new beginnings and new challenges. I will repeat what I’ve said several times over the past few months…we really miss seeing you, but we are thankful to be able to help you find what you need and hopefully keep you reading and coming back for more.

We wish you all the best for the new year!

Don’t for-geti about our Yeti!

Have you visited the Commons yet this holiday season? Even with pandemic precautions in place, it’s a hustling, bustling scene. If you haven’t walked the walk, perhaps now is the time!

How do Yetis tell the time?

With a sasq-watch.

In addition to all the decorations and phenomenal lights in the evening, we have contributed a Storybook Walk to the festivities. The story featured is How to Catch a Yeti by Adam Wallace. It’s a delightful part of the “How to Catch” series available to check out from the library.

Bigfoot is sometimes confused with Sasquatch….Yeti never complains.

The elusive Yeti is the mascot for our Winter Reading Program. The Kids’ tab on the New Lenox Library website has all the information, along with the Reading Log and Bonus Log for you to print at home. They are also available in the lobby of the library or included in any Mystery Bag requests. Look for all this information on our webpage:

This year’s theme is Yeti, Set, Read! Follow the Yeti tracks through the mountains and color in one big foot track for every 15 minutes that is read. Once kids read 8 hours and help the Yeti get home after his adventure they will get a certificate to fill out for 2 free tickets to a Chicago Wolves Ice Hockey Game*, a Buy One/Get One smoothie coupon from Smoothie King, a little winter-themed prize bag, and an entry into our weekly raffle. Bonus logs will be available for you to earn extra raffle entries. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t yeti…..

Has the abominable snowman called?

Not yeti.

Don’t forget to look for the Yeti around town too! Call us and let us know where you’ve seen him to earn a raffle ticket for an amazing, abominable prize!

Experts say it is the best yeti!

Be sure to check the previous blog post from Ms. Elizabeth with lots of fun activities, and even last year’s blog post for links to the Santa Tracker and more:

And coming soon…our interactive Winter Staff Picks!!

Remember we can still be in touch with you & are thinking of you when you request a mystery bag or book bundle. The Kid’s Tab also has links to videos of many of our programs:

We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season, and hope the new year brings us back together soon!

My friends are sick of my puns about The Abominable Snowman….

(and probably my bitmojis…)

Yeti keep doing it.

Virtual Winter Wonderland

Welcome to our Virtual Winter Wonderland!

Winter is coming, and so is the holiday season! The Youth Services librarians here at the New Lenox Public Library thought it would be fun to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by creating a Virtual Winter Wonderland filled with songs, games, read-alouds, and more!

Explore this snowy scene by clicking on various images to discover where they will lead you. For added fun, see if you can spot 7 of our Youth Services Librarians (and identify who is who), a reindeer with a red nose, a kitty enjoying a good book, a frosty snowman, a bundled bear, a waving raccoon, a running Gingerbread Man, and a portly penguin.

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Winter Wonderland! And from all of us here at the New Lenox Public Library, have a happy, merry, wonderful holiday season!

Stay safe and warm!

Thanksgiving & Turkey Talk…

‘Tis the season to be thankful and tackle some turkey trivia! Hopefully you will find some new facts to dazzle your family with at the dinner table… First read about different traditions at National Geographic Kids to see how your celebration compares:

One tradition in the article is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is a favorite of mine for many different reasons. I remember always watching it while my mom and grandmother were preparing our family feast. Later, it was always on the television for my kids to watch while we adults prepared the meal. One year, we were so excited to tune in because my daughter and her high school pom squad were invited to perform in the parade! It’s always entertaining to watch the balloon handlers wrestle the giant sized Snoopy, Spiderman, or Kermit and guess what new character might make an appearance. A great book that we have tells about Tony Sarg who came up with the idea for these grand “Balloons Over Broadway” that make this a beloved holiday tradition:

Perhaps you would like to know more about turkeys or how they became a Thanksgiving tradition. The Farmer’s Almanac has facts and figures to help you. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of their article for other Thanksgiving topics:

All About Birds is another great website to prepare yourself to talk turkey around the table. Keep it in mind to find out about any other birds that might interest you: has a list of Thanksgiving activities, some of which you may already be doing:

or their page geared for children:

The Good Housekeeping website also has some ideas for starting new traditions or updating old favorites:

And everyone is a pro at this or zooming:

Before you call or zoom, visit this riddle website to keep the call fun for all!

Try these for a few laughs….

Is turkey soup good for you?
Not if you’re the turkey.

What do turkeys like to eat on Thanksgiving?
Nothing, they’re already stuffed.

Why did they let the turkey join the band?
Because it had the drumsticks.

This Thanksgiving may be a little different this year for all of us, but we truly are grateful for all of you,

and we wish you a safe, healthy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindness counts…..

World Kindness Day is November 13th, so it’s a good time to remember that we can show kindness to one another every day, especially since this year has been full of twists and turns!

Remember our “kindness rocks” activity from earlier this year? Try putting some more out in your neighborhood, at parks, or even around your house and yard.

The Days of the Year website shares:

You don’t have to limit kindness to others….you can be kind to the earth, animals, and even yourself! This poster has lots of ideas to get started:

For more ideas and activities, visit the Nature’s Path website:

…and simple, easy ideas, at this website, A Fine Parent:

Don’t forget, we have many resources here at the library too, so let us help you find a story or two to share!

And keep these words from “anonymous” in mind…

“When is the best time to be kind? Every time.”

Virtual Early Literacy Corner

The latest installment of our Virtual Library is here!

Our Virtual Early Literacy Corner is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers of young children. Here you’ll be able to access some great resources including picture book read alouds, songs, games, and other activities for the little ones.

Please take time to enjoy exploring the Virtual Early Literacy Corner by clicking on various items to discover where they will lead you. One of the best things about our Virtual Library is that it is available any time, day or night, so you are free to explore whenever it is convenient for you.

Free for 4th grade families!

Look what came through an email a few days ago…this resource-filled website called Every Kid Outdoors! First, read all about the program here and what agencies are involved:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

As you scroll down the “plan your trip tab”, you will see the 4 different categories you can choose from:

The “See Protected Animals” block takes you to the National Wildlife Refuge System where you can find more information about areas throughout the country:

“Visit the Forest” also has a search tool at to find forests or preserves with detailed information about specific sites:

Find the park that “fits you” in the next block that takes you to

And finally, offers this description on their website: “Discover new experiences, historic landmarks, and outdoor escapes right down the road or across the country. From camping, hiking, and horseback riding to wildlife viewing, monument tours, and ranger-led activities – you can find it on!”

Look for local sites or explore the whole country!

There are some rules and regulations which are explained further down on the page to print your voucher, but it looks like a great way to plan a family trip to some fantastic outdoor sites:

The voucher page also explains about admittance for the rest of the family and what charges may apply (ex. parking fees or special tours, etc.):

And after you’ve gathered all your information and planned your trip…ta-da!!! You’ve earned the free pass!

There are many good ideas here for learning about family adventures even if you aren’t (or don’t have) a 4th grader. We hope you find some useful information about exploring new activities and enjoy searching for places to visit…whether near or far!