Kids Kindness…

Here we are into another month of sheltering in place. As you stroll through your neighborhood, look around to see if April showers really did bring May flowers. The warmer days will allow us to spend more time outdoors whether it’s gardening, playing, or visiting via social distancing. There have been many stories in the news and in conversations with friends & family about the different ways people…and kids…are reaching out to share a little joy and kindness with each other. This post will highlight a few things you could do with your family and neighbors.

Kindness kisses from Arizona!

Chalk art, messages, and games- whether on fences, driveways or sidewalks- are all ways to leave positive messages to anyone passing by. Why not use this opportunity to encourage others to join in random fun? There are even fun ways to learn!

Some people have created sensory or exercise activities with sidewalk chalk. There are a ton of ideas in the links below:

No chalk? No problem! You can make your own sidewalk chalk with a few ingredients you probably have at home. Here are 2 recipes to try:

For a different twist, try setting up a “silly walk” zone…then sit back and laugh as people participate from

You have no doubt seen many websites and links to help with keeping children engaged and learning while at home, but here is one more for you.

This parenting site has quite a few links to for virtual visits and activities to investigate:

I have a few more ideas to share, so check back for Kids Kindness, Part 2. Remember to visit us online for our own activities and updates while you stay safe! Hope to see you soon…..