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Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader

Inside the brain of a struggling reader infographic

Halloween Chapter Books for Early Readers

How to Find Great Early Chapter Books

  • A good clue is the age of the protagonist. Is the main character the same age as your child? If so, then likely the book is a good match.
  • Size of type. Books with larger fonts are geared towards younger children.
  • Density of illustrations. The more illustrations the younger the audience. This does not apply to all books (graphic novels are one exception). Illustration-heavy books are good choices for reluctant readers.
  • Color illustrations usually indicate an easier reading level.
  • If you find an author you like, look for more of their books. Authors often write multiple books for the same reading level.
  • Kids naturally self-censor. If a book is too difficult, they will put it down.

For non-fiction books, the easier readers are marked in purple at the New Lenox Public Library! Also at the library, we have books lists sorted by topic or grade level, which may be helpful in your search. Find them by the Youth Services main desk!

If you’re still having difficulty finding appropriate books ask your friendly neighborhood librarian!

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Science Club

September's Science Club had a blast a few weeks ago! We talked about gravity and air resistance, made an awesome splatter paint poster, and had an egg drop contest! Look below for a few memorable moments from the program and don’t forget to register for October’s Science Club, happening on Monday, October 13th at 4:30!


Thank You, Summer Volunteers!

Youth Services had a ton of wonderful summer volunteers! From cutting out crafts to helping with programs, they always had something to do! We couldn’t have made it through this busy summer without their help! Ms. Tanya and Ms. Erin made a PowerPoint video to show their appreciation, which is below. Are you interested in volunteering at the library? Email Ms. Erin at ehunter@newlenoxlibrary.org or stop in to fill out an application!