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Why Your Child Can't Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight

Why Your Child Can't Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight

Literacy Apps for Struggling Readers

Apps are an inexpensive and relatively new way to engage your child in literacy at any age! Struggling with reading is difficult for both the parent and child, so hopefully these apps can help. Let me know if you try any of these out! I've written a short review of each app, and all of these apps are free.

  1. Opposite Ocean

    In Opposite Ocean, Luna and Leo must master the magic of words by correctly identify the antonym that is the opposite of the given keyword. Children earn pearls when they drag the correct bubble word to the enchanted clam. I think this game is super fun and easy to learn!

    Type: Reading Comprehension

  2. Tap N Learn: Learn to Spell

    This app has three different modes allow children to listen and learn words, match-up letter blocks to form the name of the item featured, and finally drag blocks to form words without any prompts.

    Type: Print Awareness

  3. ABC Magic Reading

    An app to teach basic reading skills to children learning how to read. Through games and a focus on segmenting and blending, the app helps children develop basic phonetic awareness and pre-reading skills. The app has a built-in feature to encourage reading skills, rather than dependence on pictures.

    Type: Reading

  4. Early Reader

    This app helps beginning readers develop their reading skills. It has 160 flash cards, which test phonics, sounding out, sight words and sentences. A special section, "Tips for Parents," offers advice on how to use the program as a tool.

    Type: Reading Skills

  5. iPlay & Sing

    Targeting preschoolers and children who have not yet learned how to read, this app uses games and positive reinforcement to teach early development
    skills. Games include letter tracings, sequencing, mazes and nursery rhymes (a recording feature lets the kids tape themselves and play it back); voice prompts help children learn the games. They earn happy faces and stars for correct answers!

    Type: Pre-Reading

  6. Josh & Emma go to the Beach

    This app teaches reading skills along with colors, numbers and objects. The story follows Josh and Emma, who ask the reader questions such as, "What's next to the big rock?" As the narrator follows aloud, the reader answers by selecting the object and quantity of his or her choice.


  7. K12 Timed Reading Practice

    This app works with children's reading skills to improve reading fluency. The app has 25 stories (targeting children in grade K-4) and 10 difficulty levels. The stories are a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and are timed to track students' reading progress and words per minute.

    Type: Reading Comprehension and Speed

  8. Read Me Stories 30 Book Library

    This app features 30 books for children, complete with music and sounds. The books feature words and concepts to help children improve their reading skills.

    Type: Pre-Reading

  9. Sight Words Learning Games & Flashcards

    This is a wonderful education app for beginning readers, ages 2-7. The games are easy to play and a lot of fun!

    Type: Pre-Reading

  10. iTooch Elementary School

    This app has it all- language arts, math, science, and health! Broken down by age groups and suitable for ages 6-11, iTooch has something for every student. Language Arts includes: Reading, Writing and Composition, Grammar, Vocabulary Booster, and Communication. Math includes: Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Structures, Data Analysis or Statistics, Graphs or Functions, and Geometry. Health includes: Nutrition, Medical Musts, Physical Activity/Sports, Growth and Development, and Safety.

    Type: Multi-Subject

Happy First Day of School!

Are your kids nervous about starting in a new school? Are they excited? Whatever their emotion, there is a back to school book to fit their mood! Stop by the library to check out any of these wonderful reads about going back to school! Most are suitable for preschool through third grade. Happy First Day of School everyone!

Llama Llama Misses Mama- New Lenox PL Easy Picturebooks - NLBB-1 E DEW
Maisy Goes to Preschool- Easy Picturebooks E COU
The Kissing Hand- E PEN
My Preschool- E ROC

Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten- E SLA
The Twelve Days of Kindergarten E ROS
Tiptoe into Kindergarten ER ROG
A Place Called Kindergarten E HAR
Welcome to Kindergarten E ROC

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes E LIT
If You Take a Mouse to School E NUM
First Day, Hooray! E POY

Search for "nlpl youth back to school prek-3" (include parentheses) in the New Lenox Library catalog to find these great books!

The "Summer Slide"

Target's blog posted an interesting info graphic about the dreaded "Summer Slide" that can happen when kids aren't challenged over the summer. You can help your child continue to succeed by making sure they read when they're not in school.

And we can help with that too! Make reading fun by signing up for our summer reading program -- Paws to Read!

Summer Slide

Countdown to Summer!

Summer Reading is almost here and this year's theme is Paws to Read! We're excited to see all of you this summer and we've already started getting ready. Check out some of our decorations for 2014.

Emma B. Bookmark

Emma B. Bookmark

Emma B. Bookmark

Remember, you can come in and register for the Summer Reading Program beginning June 2nd!