Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab will be closed starting Monday, December 19 so we can move into our new space, The Studio.

The Studio will open on Saturday, January 7. The Tech2Go Collection will be available throughout the move.

The Digital Media Lab

In-person or online orientation required
Appointments required

You can request an in-person orientation with your appointment.

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See the schedule below

Have you ever wanted to learn a new technology or skill, but didn’t have the equipment? Maybe you wanted to learn how to make a movie, sew your own clothing, or save family photographs on the computer and share them with relatives.

A library is a great place to find books on these topics — but books aren’t enough if you can’t practice! That’s why we have the Digital Media Lab.


Digital Media Lab Schedule

Staff will be at the Digital Media Lab desk during the hours listed below. Staffed hours do not guarantee appointment availability. Please visit the Library, call the Digital Media Lab at 815-485-2605 ext. 127, or email to make an appointment.