Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Cather has always had her twin sister, Wren, by her side to handle everything in life from her mother’s leaving to the surprising popularity of her Simon Snow fanfic (and let’s be honest, her Simon Snow obsession too.) So when Wren starts to pull away at the beginning of their freshman year in college, Cather is at a loss. How can Wren possibly want to party when their Dad still needs helping managing his life? How could she possibly want to reconnect with their absent mother? More importantly to Cather….how could Wren not want to remain involved in creating their beloved Simon Snow fanfiction? Cather is faced with the question of who she is as an individual, not as just Wren’s sister or a Simon Snow fan, when she deals with a difficult writing class and a boy that may change everything. Diving into the world of fiction has always been a way for Cather to ignore her own less than ideal life but will freshman year, a smiling boy, and a changing relationship with her sister inspire Cather to embrace other aspects of life outside of the world of Simon Snow?

Rainbow Rowell, author of acclaimed Eleanor & Park and Attachments, provides another insightful read, chock full of snarky dialogue and pop culture references, that reaches out to audiences in reminder of the tumultuous period of love and change in a young adult’s life.