Our Mission, Values and Strategic Plan

Our Community Vision

The New Lenox Public Library District is an essential part of the overall growth in our community, fostering lifelong education, enhancing the quality of life as well as advancing our community.

    Our Mission

    We provide a high-quality public education that strives to inform, enrich, and enlighten.

    Our Strategic Plan

    INFORM: Research Assistance & Instruction

    Goal 1 — Library staff will provide both individual and group opportunities to support educational experiences.

    Goal 2 — Staff will be exposed to continuous education to further improve quality of instruction and research delivered to the community.

    ENRICH: Self-Directed Education

    Goal 3 — People will find library material convenient and easy to access.

    Goal 4 — The library will strive to offer unique materials and spaces that are useful, educational and needed by the community.

    Goal 5 — People will experience library offerings and resources through an innovative use of technology.

    ENLIGHTEN: Instructive & Enlightening Experiences

    Goal 6 — The library will be a welcoming environment that meets community and cultural needs.

    Goal 7 — Partnerships and signature initiatives will allow people to connect, interact and participate in enlightening experiences.

    Our Values

    The New Lenox Public Library District values:

    • Demonstrating excellence in customer service
    • Providing, supporting, and advocating for access for all
    • Acting with initiative, creativity and flexibility
    • Working with enthusiasm and optimism to reach goals
    • Maintaining responsible stewardship of resources
    • Protecting user privacy and confidentiality
    • Providing a helpful, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

    Our Patron Services Commitment

    What you can expect from us:

    • We acknowledge each patron and provide service with kindness and respect
    • Our spaces are well maintained, accommodating, and available for community use
    • We provide service efficiently and effectively; finding an answer to your question is our priority
    • We listen first and adapt to your changing needs in order to provide personalized service
    • Library management is committed to delivering on our Strategic Goals and meeting community expectations in a way that is fiscally responsible
    • The Library provides opportunities for community engagement, participation, and learning