Our Mission, Values and Strategic Plan

Our Community Vision

The New Lenox Public Library District enhances the quality of life in our community by fostering lifelong discovery, education, and opportunity.

Our Mission

We provide high-quality resources and experiences that enrich the lives of our community members.

Our Strategic Plan 2022–2025

Build awareness of the library’s value.

  • Develop targeted communications strategies
  • Revamp the library website
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for shared marketing with community organizations

Lead technology literacy for the community.

  • Increase capacity to provide one-on-one technology assistance
  • Expand understanding of and access to e-resources

Increase the accessibility of library resources to all community members.

  • Develop opportunities to increase engagement with individuals and families with differing needs
  • Improve the physical accessibility of the library
  • Explore the feasibility of expanding the library’s hours of operation
  • Identify and minimize barriers to library service

Strengthen community partnerships.

  • Collaborate with local schools to advance opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Partner with organizations serving older adults to increase access to library resources and opportunities for social connectedness
  • Increase connection with post-secondary students
  • Identify and pursue outreach strategies to connect with new parents and promote early literacy

Our Values

The New Lenox Public Library District values:

  • Demonstrating excellence in customer service in a welcoming atmosphere
  • Providing, supporting, and advocating for access for all
  • Acting with initiative, creativity, and flexibility
  • Working with enthusiasm and optimism to reach goals
  • Maintaining responsible stewardship of resources
  • Protecting user privacy and confidentiality
  • Providing opportunity to connect with others 

Our Patron Services Commitment

What you can expect from us:

  • We acknowledge each patron and provide service with kindness and respect
  • Our spaces are well maintained, accommodating, and available for community use
  • We provide service efficiently and effectively; finding an answer to your question is our priority
  • We listen first and adapt to your changing needs in order to provide personalized service
  • Our management is committed to delivering on our Strategic Goals and meeting community expectations in a way that is fiscally responsible
  • We provide opportunities for community engagement, participation, and learning