Volunteens: Virtual Volunteering for Teens

Bookmarkz for Kidz

Teens in Grades 7–12
April 8–May 2
Drop off at Library (Upstairs)

Community Service Hours

  • 5 bookmarks for 1 hour of community service
  • 10 cards for 2 hours of community service maximum

Cardz for Kidz is a Chicago-based organization that distributes cards and bookmarks to pediatric patients, veterans and seniors. They have partnerships in all fifty states and on every continent around the world. 

Bookmarkz for Kidz Examples

There are two ways you can help this wonderful organization and earn community service credit:

  • Visit the Adult and Teen Services Desk to pick up pre-printed bookmark templates. Return them to the desk when you are done.
  • Download the provided template (PDF), decorate your bookmarks at home, and bring them to the Adult & Teen Services desk on the second floor.


  • Decorate the front of a bookmark!
  • Write a message or joke on the back. See below for ideas.
  • Sign first name & town/ location. (ex. AJ, New Lenox). Please sign your first name, city and state at the bottom of your message. DO NOT INCLUDE LAST NAMES. You can also simply sign it, “From the Teens at the New Lenox Public Library.”
  • Return completed sheet(s) to Adult & Teen Service Desk by Thursday, May 2.


  • Do NOT refer to patients' conditions.
  • Do NOT say things like, “Get well soon,” “Stay Strong,” “Hang in there.”
  • Avoid religious references.
  • Avoid pompoms, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and glitter as they tend to not stick well and can interfere with medical equipment.
  • Do NOT cut out the bookmark templates. Please return the full sheets intact.


  • Make sure you sign the bookmark with your first name only and town/location.
  • Keep your messages uplifting.  Some examples of positive messages are:
    • “Sending you lots of big hugs” “You are special” “You rock” “You’re a star” “Shine bright like a diamond”
    • Or you could send jokes such as “What do you call an angry carrot? A steamed vegetable!”; “What kind of tree fits in your hand? A palm tree!”
    • Or a cute picture and message such as “You are one in a minion” with a picture of a minion or “You’re the coolest” with a picture of an ice cream cone. “Have an uplifting day” with a picture of a balloon.

Use your imagination to come up with anything you like! Check out examples of great work from teens like you at the top of this page.

Take your time and follow directions. One-sided bookmarks, messy bookmarks, and bookmarks without names will not receive community service hours.

Please review details about making your bookmarks at this link: https://www.cardzforkidz.org/post/bookmarks-people-need-encouragement


  1. Please sign only your first name, city and state at the bottom of your message. DO NOT INCLUDE LAST NAMES. You can also sign it “From the Teens at the New Lenox Public Library.”
  2. Please do not cut out individual bookmarks. Return the entire sheet to Adult and Teen Services Desk by Thursday, May 2. Be sure to complete the front and back of the form.