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Cards for the Elderly: We had 8 teens participate in Cards for the Elderly, making 56 cards and earning 14 hours of service. Awesome job!

Book Review Bookmarks

Teens in Grades 7–12
May 4–June 30
Email or Drop off at Library (Upstairs)

Community Service Hours

  • 1 bookmark earns you 2 hours of community service
  • 4 hours total earned maximum per person

Help your peers find their next favorite book by reviewing your favorite YA title. Submit a short review of your book and a design of your choosing in a 2"x7" bookmark format and submit it to us. We will format and print your bookmarks and put them on display in our Teen Scene.

Create a simple 2”x7” template for your bookmark by cutting a strip of paper to that size.

The front of your bookmark should contain something visual that highlights your book in some way. You don’t have to be an artist to create something great! Use your imagination, and create a collage from images you find, or draw something unique and appealing that reveals something about your book. The possibilities are endless!

On the back of your bookmark, write a simple review of your favorite YA book. A book review gives enough information about the book to entice a potential reader without giving away all the details.

Answer some of these questions in your review:

  • Why do you love the book?
  • What are the characters like? What are their names?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • To what kind of reader would you recommend this book?
  • What genre is this book? (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, etc.)

Remember you only have limited space, so limit your review to about 120 words.

Take a photo of your bookmark, and email it to volunteer@newlenoxlibrary.org. We will then format it and print it on sturdy bookmark paper and display it in the Teen Scene. Make sure it looks flat, or scan it in. You can also drop it off upstairs with library staff.

If you would like to receive service hours for your work, please also attach a copy of your service sheet (your name must be on the form and your portion of the form must be filled out, or it will be returned to you), and we will sign it and email it back to you.

You will receive 2 service hours for each bookmark you make, but you are limited to 4 service hours total for this project. If you would like to make more bookmarks, you are welcome to turn in as many as you like, but you will only receive service hours for the first two bookmarks submitted.

Example of Handmade Bookmark (front), also showing library formatted text on back